Former Camper Comments


What are former campers saying about Tech Trek?

“If you were ever in an all boys group at school and weren’t allowed to do anything, this is the place to go.”

“The classes are much more in-depth than the classes at school so I can get a much better idea of the STEM subjects.”

“This camp has got me interested in many different types of science that I hadn’t even known existed before I came here.”

“This was a wonderful, challenging, and fun once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives you the chance to learn and have fun at the same time.”

“Being with so many people who were interested in the same things that I am and learning about the things we loved was awesome. I know I am going to do my best in every class, knowing it will help my careers and future.”

“I can only say Thanks and I hope you inspire different girls around New Mexico!”

“When we get to meet professional women that are working in STEM professions, I feel encouraged that I too can reach this goal.”

“My experience was amazing. There were so many things I learned about material science and chemistry, engineering, computer science, etc. I learned so much I can’t even list all of it!”

“My participation helped me develop a stronger belief in myself and my ability to achieve my goals.”

“I will be interning with Doris Duke Conservation Scholars this summer learning more about outdoor conservation and environmental science. I really value the experiences Tech Trek gave me when I was younger, allowing me to grow my interest in science. This camp helped pave the way for my studies as an environmental scientist!”