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2019 Winner of Non-profit of the Year Award

Tech Trek NM is an amazing 7 days of STEM and will be held in Socorro, NM, June 9 – 15, 2019!

65 girls from 52 schools attended camp in 2018. Campers participated in 5 core classes: A Tour of the Stellar Life Cycle, App Creators, Girl Powered Robot!, Gear Girls, and Forensics. They went on field trips to Mineral Museum, San Lorenzo Canyon, NRAO, Sevilleta Wildlife Refuge, and EMRTC. Workshops included: Motors in Motion; Light, Colors and Sparkles; Cybersecurity 101, Introduction to Concepts of Materials Science; Design, Build and Test Your Own Landfill; and Design with Engineering in Mind. The final Friday night activity, geocaching, was follwed by some mores.

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Timeline for Tech Trek NM  (subject to change)

Flyer Tech Trek NM 2019 final

November through January – Nominations may be submitted by 7th Grade Math and Science Teachers from throughout NM

KRQE Interview Recorded January 18, 2019

February – Nominated girls are invited to submit Tech Trek NM Applications
March – Interviews are conducted throughout the state
March – Tech Trek NM Alumni Reunion
April – the Selection Committee will make the final selections and notify students
April – Registration forms and fees due
May – Medical history & permissions due
June – Tech Trek NM summer camp!! Professional Women’s Night

Transportation to Socorro is up to each participant and her family. If you would like to arrange a carpool, send an email with your travel information and details to the Camp Director. Each camper shares a resident hall room with one other camper.

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Help support camps designed to develop girls’ interest, excitement, and self-confidence in STEM fields!

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During Tech Trek NM 2017, 60 Campers from 50 different middle schools reported to the New Mexico Tech campus on the first day of camp, Sunday, June 18, and participated in fun activities to celebrate everyone’s excitement. Families were welcome to stay and participate in the campus tour.

Campers participated in 5 core classes and 12 workshops. They talked with professionals in STEM and went on field trips to Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge and the Very Large Array.

The 2017 Core Courses were: A Tour Through the Stellar Life Cycle, App Inventor, Girl Powered Robot, Designing a Motorized Toy Challenge, and Cybersecurity.

The 2017 Workshops were: It’s Not Magic, It’s Science; Mineral Museum Activities; Nanotechnology; Weather or Not; Heart Circuits; CSI: DNA; Design with Engineering in Mind; Light, Color & Sparkles; Rocket Science!; Make Music With Raspberry Pi;  Design, Build & Test Your Own Landfill;  Looking at How Our Brains Grow and Change

Tech Trek NM 2017 Video

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Tech Trek NM 2016

The 2016 Core Courses were: A Tour Through the Stellar Life Cycle, App Inventor, Girl Powered Robot, Designing a Motorized Toy Challenge, and Cybersecurity.

2016 Workshops included Nanotechnology; Photonic Cooking; Ozobots! Explore Coding through Mini-Robotics; All about the Bass: Make Music with Raspberry Pi; The Social Life of Pennies; Weather or Not: Forecasting Hazardous Weather Events; What do Electricity and Magnetism have to do with each other?; Rocks and Fossils of New Mexico; CSI/DNA; Physiology in Motion; Light, Color & Sparkles; Science Writing–More than Lab Reports; and Water Beneath Our Feet.

The 2016 field trip to the Very Large Array and the Mineral Museum were astounding!

Tech Trek NM 2016 Video @ NM Tech in Socorro


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Tech Trek is a great opportunity to develop interest, excitement and self-confidence in the STEM leaders of tomorrow.


Tech Trek 2015 Video @ NM Highlands

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Tech Trek NMSU 2014 Video

Many thanks to the incredible sponsors, including AAUW National, for Tech Trek @ NMSU to have such an amazing time!!

We could not have hosted Tech Trek @ NMSU without you!

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