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Tech Trek NM 2016

The 2016 Core Courses were: A Tour Through the Stellar Life Cycle, App Inventor, Girl Powered Robot, Designing a Motorized Toy Challenge, and Cybersecurity.

2016 Workshops included Nanotechnology; Photonic Cooking; Ozobots! Explore Coding through Mini-Robotics; All about the Bass: Make Music with Raspberry Pi; The Social Life of Pennies; Weather or Not: Forecasting Hazardous Weather Events; What do Electricity and Magnetism have to do with each other?; Rocks and Fossils of New Mexico; CSI/DNA; Physiology in Motion; Light, Color & Sparkles; Science Writing–More than Lab Reports; and Water Beneath Our Feet.

The 2016 field trip to the Very Large Array and the Mineral Museum were astounding!

Tech Trek NM 2016 Video @ NM Tech in Socorro

2016 Sponsors